Walking straw baling machine,

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Product Description

Feeding amount: 10 (kg/s)

Cutting length: 80 cm

Total loss rate: 1 (%)

Weight: 550 (kg)

Power type: diesel

Machine size: small

External dimensions: 2000*1490*1575 (mm)

Walking straw baling machine, round baling machine, self-propelled baling machine, it can tie the work to various kinds of straw, straw, herbage. The matching power is 18 to 50 horsepower, mainly consisting of the pick up, the straw drum, the chain wheel drive mechanism, the rope box, the guide rod and the warning device, the hydraulic control mechanism and so on. Baling automatically when the messenger, automatic pick wheatgrass, automatic baling, automatically cut the rope, and can through the slot size adjustment, and to change after the bight density and bundle of grass, make the bale do not come loose, not messy, straw baling machine's advantage lies in:

1. Collect, pick up and tie together.

2. Small volume, light weight, compact structure and convenient operation.

3. High work efficiency, 4-10 mu per hour of work efficiency, can be followed by a combination harvester.

The use of straw baling machine:

1. After the baling machine and power machine are equipped, the machine can be opened to the harvested wheat field to check whether the power of the power machine is in good contact with the binder.

2. Then start, pick up, bundle, and hear the alarm of the alarm, stop, increase the throttle to make the baling machine fast and tie the rope.

3. After hearing the cut of the rope, pull the hydraulic lever slightly, lift the back cover of the baling machine, make the straw baling the machine, and the straw bale out of the way, and then the next time the grass is picked up and tied.

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